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Digitally Preserve Your Family Memories

Do you have boxes of old mementos in your attic? Do you have a directory on your hard drive full of unorganized family photos? Have you wanted to create an album from these memories for years but always seem to lack the time? If this sounds familiar contact FAMPHOTO today. We will pick up your hard copy material anywhere in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, scan it, and combine it with any digital content you have on your own personal family web site. We will organize the photos by collection, rough date or both. Then we will train you on how to use the web site so that you can continue to organize your collection after Famphoto is finished. Our mission is to help America to preserve family history by taking on the initial time commitment necessary to create a comprehensive online photo gallery. You can set you family web site to be visible to anyone or you can add a password protection layer so that only your designated users have access. We can host the web site for a small fee or load it onto your personal hosting account, wherever that might be. Standalone scanning services are also available.

The key difference between public photosharing sites and FAMPHOTO is that you retain complete control over your content. There will never be a time when a corporate policy change or merger will result in termination or limitation of your account. The only monthly upload limits are the ones you set yourself. FAMPHOTO can even add an attractive HTML Introduction to your web site. Your family history is precious and deserves to be maintained intact for future generations. With fourteen years of experience FAMPHOTO is the right partner to accomplish your goal.